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Ester C

Presenting the Dynamic Duo of VitaminsVitamin C and Ester C.

Most people know of Vitamin C as the family friendly immunity vitamin with an extensive number of benefits, however may not know much about its partner Ester C!

Ester C is a both unique and exclusive form of vitamin C bringing forth the same benefits as Vitamin C, including immunity, heart health and normal growth and development support and the maintenance of healthy skin and gums.

However, Ester C is a pH neutral vitamin, buffered with the mineral calcium. This means that less energy and time is needed to be devoted in order to break down and absorb Ester C once it has been taken!

Ester C gets into cells more efficiently and is held in the body for longer than Vitamin C, increasing its effectiveness.

Have a sensitive stomach? Ester C is a great alternative to Vitamin C when this is the case as it is non-acidic!

Check out our amazing range of Ester C below from brands Healtheries, Nutralife and Solgar and C the benefits for yourself! (Pun intended). 

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