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Go Good Whey Protein 1kg

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Go Good Whey Protein 1kg

About Vitamins.co.nz Go Good Whey Protein

You work out, you work hard and play hard. Take a bow. That means you’re living life to the full. But engines don’t run on empty. You need a tank full of good protein to fuel your moves. Go Good whey protein comes from grass-fed NZ dairy cows. Premium world-leading grade-7 whey powder mixed with healthy organic fruits and superfoods perfect to kick-start recovery, build lean muscle and boost your metabolism.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is the least processed form of whey protein powder. It contains little carbs and fat but is packed with macronutrients essential for optimum immunity. Exceptional bioavailability and digestibility combine to provide a convenient, nutrient-dense protein source that compliments an active lifestyle perfectly.

With a real flavour that comes from certified organic fruits and superfoods, it not only provides incredibly authentic taste and aroma but a superior source of essential amino acids (BCAA's) to deliver a complete nutritional profile that promotes, sustains and improves health for your entire body.

Purposefully blended with fewer, but more nutritionally powerful ingredients. No chemicals, no fake stuff, nothing your body doesn’t need.

  • Builds lean muscle and boosts metabolism
  • Enhances exercise recovery
  • Fuels & repairs body cells
  • Decreases appetite and fills you up
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Rich in macronutrients and essential amino acids
  • Suitable for a vegetarian diet
  • Gluten Free / Soy Free / GMO-Free / Grass Fed NZ Dairy



Suggested Use: Our organic banana whey protein concentrate (WPC) is very versatile and easy incorporate in your diet.

  • SHAKE IT: Pour a scoop of Go Good organic banana WPC to your preferred liquid and shake vigorously for a yummy a nutrient-dense snack ready in seconds. Choose water or cow milk for handiness, or almond and coconut milk for a more exotic taste.
  • BLEND IT: Add 30g of organic banana whey protein concentrate to supercharge favourite your smoothie recipes with a quality source of protein. Mix well in a high-speed blender for a silky drink that will support lean muscle growth.
  • STIR / BAKE IT: You can incorporate Go Good organic banana protein powder in all your baking creations. Protein balls, paleo loaves, chia puddings. Easily increase your protein intake and give your creations a healthy oomph!

Storage: Use the metal lid the securely close the canister and preserve your protein's freshness. Store in a cool dry place. Once the freshness seal removed, consume within 90 days of opening.


Nutrition Information

Go Good Whey Protein 1kg (Organic Banana)

Serving Size: 30g

Amount Per Serving

  • Energy
  • 477 Kj / 114 Cal
  • Protein
  • 22.0 g
  • Fat
  • 2.0 g
  • - Saturated
  • 1.4 g
  • - Unsaturated
  • 0.0 g
  • Carbohydrates
  • 1.7 g
  • Sugar
  • 1.7 g
  • Dietary Fiber
  • 0.0 g
  • Sodium
  • 38.6 mg

Essential Amino Acids

  • Isoleucine
  • 7.0 g
  • Leucine
  • 11.4 g
  • Lysine
  • 9.4 g
  • Methionine
  • 2.6 g
  • Phenylalanine
  • 3.5 g
  • Threonine
  • 7.4 g
  • Tryptophan
  • 2.1 g
  • Valine
  • 6.4 g

Non- Essential Amino Acids

  • Histidine
  • 2.0 g
  • Alanine
  • 5.4 g
  • Arginine
  • 2.8 g
  • Aspartic acid
  • 11.3 g
  • Cysteine/cystine
  • 2.9 g
  • Glutamic acid
  • 18.6 g
  • Glycine
  • 2.1 g
  • Proline
  • 6.5 g
  • Serine
  • 5.4 g
  • Tyrosine
  • 3.5 g

Other Ingredients

Grade-7 New Zealand grass-fed whey protein concentrate, organic freeze-dried banana, thaumatin (natural sweetener) and non-GMO sunflower lecithin (traces).

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