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AA SMARTFUEL now offers AA Smartfuel. 



Get the most out of your purchases when you shop with online by accumulating savings on your fuel price. 

Now every dollar you spend with us counts! Save 5 cents per litre when you reach $50.00 spend with online.

Simply remember to include your card number at checkout to save on your fuel!


To add your card number just add a product to your shopping cart, then click the card icon or click this link

Also tick the remember me box so you don't have to add your card number every time you make a purchase.



How does it work?

To redeem, simply fuel up and swipe at a participating BP or GAS service station and knock off your accumulated cents off your pump price.

How does it work?

Every dollar counts, you can now save up to 5c per litre once you reach $50 spend with us. Or see below to see how much you can save with us in a single transaction.


$50 to 99 is 5c per litre. 

$100 to 199 is 10c per litre. 

$200 to 299 is 20c per litre. 

$300 to 399 is 30c per litre. 

$400 to 499 is 40c per litre. 

$500 to 599 is 50c per litre. 

$600 to 699 is 60c per litre. 

$700 to 799 is 70c per litre. 

$800 to 899 is 80c per litre. 

$900 to 999 is 90c per litre. 

$1000 and up is 100c per litre. 

Please note that it may take up to five days until the discount is credited to your card.

Unfortunately ALL AAsmartfuel discounts must be loaded at time of purchase, we are unable to backdate any purchases so don't forget to enter your card number before checking out.