Allmax Micronized Glutamine 100g

Allmax Micronized Glutamine 100g

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Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid and one of the most abundant amino acids in the body (comprising approximately 30% of amino acids in the plasma). It is usually classified as a ‘conditionally’ essential amino acid as it is produced by the body, but during periods of extreme stress or trauma it is released from the body and may need to be replenished. Glutamine is naturally found in beans, poultry, fish and dairy products. The majority of Glutamine is produced in the skeletal muscle and adipose tissue, additionally; glutamine is synthesized in the lungs, liver and brain. It is predominately used for fuel by small intestines, immune system, hair follicles and the gastrointestinal tract.

"Glutamine supplementation is beneficial during periods of stress, such as after training."

Glutamine ensures the body remains in a state of anabolism. For those who train, supplementing with glutamine ensures the body’s stores of this important amino acid are optimized and skeletal muscle size is maintained. Working out can lead to suppression of the immune system. Intense exercise can quickly deplete glutamine in the muscle cells causing the immune system to weaken and decreases the body’s levels of glutamine. Research has shown that supplementation with glutamine can alleviate the decline of glutamine concentration in the bloodstream following intense exercise.

"Glutamine may diminish catabolism."

Glutamine also helps to diminish catabolism caused by an increase in the stress hormone cortisol; which is elevated during exercise. A recent study conducted on glutamine’s effects on the muscle found that glutamine actually blocks the action of cortisol’s interference with muscle protein synthesis and repair. This study shows that glutamine can provide an anti-catabolic effect which is beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders.


Glutamine supplementation has been found to help elevate glutamine levels in the body and produce an anti-catabolic effect. It can minimize the amount of muscle breakdown and can be particularly helpful when consumed after working out; when catabolism is at its peak.

"ALLMAX Glutamine is manufactured with the purest raw ingredients at a Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing facility."

ALLMAX Nutrition™ Japanese Micronized Glutamine provides recovery after training and enhances the immune system which can be compromised during intense exercise. ALLMAX uses the proprietary GLUTAMAX™ technology to minimize the particle size of the glutamine creating a clean, white and extremely fine powder. ALLMAX Nutrition uses only the purest raw ingredients through a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility. Our pharmaceutical grade Glutamine is not heat or chemically treated.


1. What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body. It is called a ‘conditionally essential amino acid’, meaning that the body is able to manufacture Glutamine on its own but during times of extreme stress (such as following an intense workout) the body is not able to produce enough and may benefit from supplemental Glutamine. Glutamine plays a role in the metabolism of protein while strengthening the immune system and supporting recovery. This important amino acid can help with the removal of lactic acid and prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

2. Where does Glutamine come from?

Glutamine is a precursor of Glutathione, an amino acid, which is naturally found in the body. Glutamine can be found naturally in beans, meats, fish, poultry and dairy products.

3. Who can use ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine?

Glutamine is a natural supplement and can be used by anyone who may benefit from it. ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine is ideal for athletes and those who perform intense workouts as it can help to speed up recovery and maintain muscle mass. However, glutamine is also used in the hospital in extreme cases such as burn patients and those suffering from cancer to boost their immune system.

4. How does ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine help me in the gym?

Glutamine is an anti-catabolic agent, meaning that when taken after a workout it can help to repair muscle damage and promotes new muscle tissue growth. Glutamine has also shown a positive effect on the immune system. When you’re training intensely your immune system may be weakened due to the stress put on your muscles. Glutamine can help to boost your immune system and prevent you from getting sick, allowing you to continue training at your peak.

Additionally, if you’re a competitor and dieting Glutamine can provide a boost to your immune system during times of caloric restriction. Glutamine can also help to reduce stress during that time.

5. Are there any side effects associated with ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine?

Glutamine is a natural supplement which can be found in the body. The only side effect reported for those who have tried Glutamine has been a stomachache, but this was when someone took an excessive amount. You should always read the label before starting any new supplement and never take more than the recommended amount.

6. When should I take ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine?

It’s best to take ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine immediately following a workout. This will help to speed up the recovery process. You can also take a serving of ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine right before going to bed.

7. Do I need to cycle ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine or take time off?

You don’t need to cycle ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine.


8. How do I take ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine?

Take one teaspoon (4.5 g) of ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine once to twice a day. Mix in fruit juice or your favorite beverage. For optimal results, take ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine immediately following intense training and directly before bedtime.

9. Can I mix Glutamine with my other supplements?

Absolutely! We actually suggest that you combine ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine with protein powder. We’ve found that ALLMAX Nutrition Glutamine works very well with ISOFLEX protein powder. Taking this after your workouts will really help to increase muscle recovery and maintain your lean muscle mass.

Warnings: Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Do not take if currently taking any prescription medication or receiving medical treatment without consulting your physician. Keep out of the reach of children.

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