Bio x Power Whey 4.5kg

Bio x Power Whey 4.5kg

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Nitrogen Rich Three Tiered Performance Whey Protein

Power Whey Complex, with its distinctive three-tiered enzyme fortified protein blend, helps nourish your body and feed your muscles with a concentrated dose of

nitrogen-rich protein.

Plus, it undergoes a unique instantization process so you don't have to hassle with lumps.

No Doubt about it, from beginning to end, Power Whey Complex is the ideal way to get your protein.

    • 27 Grams of an easily dispersible, highly bioavailable Tri-Pro protein Matrix.

    • Fortified with our digestive enzyme complex including the patented protein digesting enzyme: Aminogen.


  • Is The Most Delicious Whey Protein Supplement You Will Ever Try
  • Formulated Using The Latest Flavouring Technology
  • Uses A Disctinctive Three Tier Protein Matrix (100% Whey Concentrate, 100% Whey Isolate, Hydrolzyed Whey Protein) No Fillers!
  • Mixes Instantly With No Clumping Guaranteed
  • High Percentage of Protein In The Finished Product
  • Contains Digestive Enzymes

N.B Nutritional Value slighty changes for each flavour.

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