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BSc Body Science HydroxyBurn Pro DIET 400g

About BSc Body Science HydroxyBurn Pro DIET

  • High Protein/Low Carb/Low Fat 
  • No Artificial Colours, Flavours, Sweeteners or Preservatives 
  • Full Amino Acid Profile + Vitamins + Minerals
  • Potent fat burning blend 
  • Fast Results, Great Taste

Taking protein isn’t just about taking protein. It’s about giving back to your body and getting as much out of one product as possible. The specific blend of HydroxyBurn Pro Diet provides users with an all in one formula that complements a variety of post workout factors. Why limit yourself to one aspect of recovery when you can optimise your recovery with an all in one blend? The combination of ingredients within HydroxyBurn Pro Diet will help you recover, promote lean muscle and rid your body of those excess fat stores.

The secret to HydroxyBurn Pro Diet is in the formulation of a specific lean and ripped matrix. Each stage within the lean and ripped matrix ensures your body is absorbing the right nutrients at the right times for optimal results. The immediate release of nutrients will help you boost your energy levels and metabolism followed by balancing sugar levels and controlling your appetite. We care about your health which is why we kept out all artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners and added a bunch of nutrients to enhance your mood and well being. In addition to this, this specific protein blend ensures that you are promoting muscle growth and minimising any muscle breakdown post exercise. Finally, the thermogenic and calorie burning nutrients will help to further promote that lean and ripped physique.

Protein: Proteins can be broadly classified as either fast or slow depending on how quickly they are absorbed (Boirie, 1997). Prior to and immediately following exercise it may be beneficial to ingest protein sources that are rapidly absorbed and provide the muscle with amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis. However, a slow protein source may be beneficial to ensure the maintenance of blood amino acids in the hours after exercise and promote an anti-catabolic environment.

L-Carnitine: Carnitine L-Tartrate (BSc L-Carnitine) is an amino acid-like nutrient naturally found in the human body, mainly stored in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Extensive research by scientist has lead to the discovery that additional supplementation with L-Carnitine can aid in humans in significant weight loss and increased energy levels. Studies suggest this compound may aid in body fat loss by increasing the body’s metabolism and by converting stored fat into usable energy. Moreover, it also enhances exercise performance, resulting in an energy boost and added vitality.

Green Tea: Because green tea is harvested at an early age it has a rich nutrient and antioxidant profile helping to boost many facets of immune health including cardiovascular and weight loss support. Studies have found that after consuming a green tea extract, subjects experienced a 17% increase in lipid oxidation (Venables et al, 2008) and 4% total energy expenditure (Dulloo et al, 1999) compared to those receiving a placebo.

Calcium + Vitamin D: Real fat burning ingredients that works real fast. New research has shown that by including both Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet can increase the amount of fat burned by the body (Zhu, W et al. Nutrition Journal, 2013).

Vitamins + Minerals: Vitamins and Minerals are required for the body as essential nutrients for daily functions. They are important to keep the body healthy and providing it with balanced health status.



Add 2 Scoops (40g) to300ml water and mix well.


Nutrition Information

BSc Body Science HydroxyBurn Pro Diet Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 level scoop 40g

  • Amount Per Serving
  • Energy
  • 576kj
  • -
  • Protein 
  • 21.1g
  • -

  • Fat - Total
  • 0.7g
  • -
  • - Saturated
  • 0.4g
  • -
  • Carbohydrates - Total
  • 4.1g
  • -
  • - Sugars
  • 2.9g
  • -
  • DietaryFibre
  • 9.6g
  • -
  • -Polydextrose
  • 9.0g
  • -
  • Sodium
  • 232mg
  • -
  • Potassium
  • 181mg
  • -
  • Inosine
  • 10mg
  • -
  • Carnitine
  • 100mg
  • -
  • Green Tea Extract
  • 100mg
  • -

Other Ingredients

BSc proprietary milk protein blend [ whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey powder, whey protein isolate, emulsifier (soy lecithin)], BSc proprietary plant protein blend (soy protein isolate, organic brown rice protein concentrate, yellow pea protein concentrate),polydextrose, amino acid blend (glycine, L-leucine,L-isoleucine,L-valine), vitamin and mineral premix (tricalcium phosphate, magnesium phosphatetribasic, ascorbic acid, ferric pyrophosphate, vitamin E, zinc sulfatemonohydrate, manganese sulfate,niacinamide, vitamin A acetate, coppersulphate anhydrous, calciumd-pantothenate, vitaminD3, vitaminB12, pyridoxineHCl, riboflavin, thiamineHCl, chromium chloride, sodiummolybdate, folic acid, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, biotin), naturalflavour, natural sweeteners (steviol glycosides,thaumatin), green tea extract,L-carnitine,inositol.

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