Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup 200ml / Prospan Lozenges Combo

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Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup 200ml / Prospan Lozenges x20 Combo


Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup

Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup soothes sore throats, clears clogged airways, and moistens dry membranes with one natural ingredient.



Ivy leaf has been used for centuries to support the respiratory tract, and that's why it's the main ingredient in Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup. It's not just regular old ive leaf, though. Clinicians creates it with a special drying process that has been used for almost two decades all over the world.



Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup doesn't contain any alcohol or sugar, and it features a nice taste that won't make you gag. It works well for nagging winter ills, the ivy leaf is standardised to provide consistent amounts, and it's even suitable for kids under age six.


Clinicians Prospan Lozenges

Clinicians Prospan Lozenges are a unique herbal lozenge made from dried ivy leaf to soothe the throat and help clear the airways. It helps thin mucous and moistens dry irritated membranes of the airways.

Prospan Lozenges are naturally developed and scientifically proven to soothe the throat and help clear the airways for adults and children.

The lozenges have a slight orange and menthol taste and may contain air bubbles. The lozenges are derived from an active herbal substance therefore the colour and taste may vary slightly and does not affect the quality or efficacy of the product.



  • Soothes the throat and helps clears the airways
  • Prospan’s main active ingredient is Ivy Leaf. For literally hundreds of years, people have placed their trust in the herbal power of wild ivy for respiratory tract support
  • Can be used for winter ills and chills


Prospan Bronchial Syrup

You'll always use the measuring cup that come with Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup, but the dose it a bit different depending on your age.

  • Adults and children over 12 should take 5ml, three times per day.
  • Children aged 6-12 should take 5ml, two times per day.
  • Children aged 2-6 should take 2.5ml, two times per day.
  • Take it for at least 2-3 after your symptoms are gone, but don't take it for any longer than one month.


Prospan Lozenges

Adults and children over 12 years of age: Suck 1 lozenge 4 times a day

Children between age 6 and 12: Suck 1 lozenge twice a day

Allow the lozenge to dissolve in the mouth after meals (not while lying down).


Consult your doctor if respiratory symptoms persist or worsen after 7 days. Continue to take Prospan Lozenges for an additional 2–3 days after symptoms have disappeared. Ivy leaf does not adversely interact with other medications and can safely be used by asthmatics.

Nutrition Information

Clinicians Prospan Bronchial Syrup 200ml

Serving Size: Syrup

  • Each 5ml Dose Contains:
  • Hedera helix (ivy leaf) dry extract (5-7.5:1) 35mg
  • 35mg mg
  • -

Other Ingredients

Citric acid, natural cherry flavour, potassium sorbate, sorbitol 1.93mg/5ml (sugar substitute), xanthan gum, purified water

Clinicians Prospan Lozenges Pack of 20

Serving Size: Adults and children over 12 years of age: Suck 1 lozenge 4 times a day, Children between age 6 and 12: Suck 1 lozenge twice a day

Serving Per Container: 20 loz

  • Amount Per Serving
  • Ivy leaves dry extract (5-7.5:1)
  • 26 mg
  • -

Other Ingredients:

Maltitol and sorbitol solution, acacia, citric acid, acesulfame potassium, medium chain triglycerides, orange flavouring menthol flavouring, purified water.