Doctor's Best Astaxanthin 6mg 30 Softgels

Doctor's Best Astaxanthin 6mg 30 Softgels

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Doctor's Best Astaxanthin 6mg 30 Softgels

About Vitamins.co.nz Doctor's Best Astaxanthin 6mg

Astaxanthin is among the most potent sources of antioxidants. Extracted from naturally occurring red component in some water plants, Astaxanthin is essentially a carotenoid extract. The high concentration of antioxidant means Astaxanthin fights away aging-causing free radicals that destroy cell membranes and make us more vulnerable to diseases. Astaxanthin is clinically proven to improve blood circulation levels, vision, immunity, and it induces a feeling of overall well-being.


Features at Glance:

  • Relieves eye fatigue
  • Maintains smooth flow of blood
  • Improves memory and cognitive functions
  • Protects against cell-damaging ultraviolet radiation
  • Alleviates physical exertion and mental exhaustion



    •  Versatile cell membrane and whole body protectant
    •  Supports healthy blood flow and vessel integrity
    •  Promotes healthy, integrated immune response
    •  Helps to protect from ultraviolet radiation
    •  Helps recovery time after exercise
    •  Crosses blood-brain barrier to deliver antioxidant to brain, eyes and nervous system
    •  Superior antioxidant activity


    Potent antioxidant

    Best Astaxanthin is stronger than natural antioxidants like beta-carotene and up to 100 times stronger than vitamin E as an antioxidant. The unique structural aspects allow it to pass the "blood brain barrier", meaning it can deliver antioxidant activity benefits not only through the blood stream to the cells of the skin, muscles and organs but also directly to the brain, eyes and nervous system. Best Astaxanthin is active throughout the entire body - a far-reaching and potent antioxidant that also helps recycle other antioxidants like vitamin E, beta-carotene, lycopene and glutathione – switching them back “on” and prolonging their functional life.


    Sun protection

    Astaxanthin complements and participates in the body’s own antioxidant defence system and thereby helps to prevent skin damage. Scientists believe astaxanthin works by helping to preserve and enhance the protective effects of substances such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, beta carotene, superoxide dismutase and catalase at the skins structure. These effects (in combination or separately) may reduce the acute inflammation reaction of the skin and tissue just below the skin that follows excessive exposure to UV radiation, which leads to sunburn and damage.


    Take one softgel twice a day, preferably after meals.


    Nutrition Information


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