GelPro Beef Gelatin 500g

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GelPro Beef Gelatin 500g


About Vitamins.co.nz GelPro Beef Gelatin

This is a premium grade Australian Beef Gelatin. It is unflavoured and sourced from only Australian beef cattle hides and skin. Australia has long been known for producing the best beef cattle with our open green pastures allowing our cattle to roam freely and feed on grass. Australia's strict quality standards ensures only the best beef is produced. A product we can be proud of.



  • No Fat
  • No Carbs
  • No Sugar
  • Lactose Free
  • 88% Pure Protein


Collagen is a good source of protein.

A good source of Protein

A diet high in protein:

  • Is necessary for tissue building and repair
  • Is necessary for normal growth and development of bone in children and adolescents aged 4 years & over
  • Contributes to the growth of muscle mass
  • Contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Is necessary for normal growth and development in children aged 4 years & over


Peptipro is unflavoured and mixes well in warm, cold or hot water. This gelatin congeals so you can make desserts, Jell-O or tasty, healthy treats like lemon gummies.

We have selected a premium grade Australian Beef Gelatin and utilise sustainable practices, ensuring only the most premium product is produced..


Recommended usage is 1 level tablespoon before or during breakfast, and one before or during dinner.

Room temperature liquids: Pour one tablespoon into a glass of your favorite juice or drink. Allow to settle for one minute while stirring, then drink immediately.

For Hot liquids: Add one tablespoon to small amount of cold liquid for one minute, then add hot liquid and stir until dissolved.

You can also add to a bowl of hot or cold cereal and mix completely.

Two teaspoons gel 500ml of liquid

Best taken first thing in the morning and/or 20min before bed (preferably 2hrs after your last meal)

Nutrition Information

GelPro Beef Gelatin 500g

Serving Per Package: 33

Serving Size: 15g (1 tbsp)

Amount Quantity Per Serving

  • Energy
  • 221kj
  • Protein
  • 13g
  • Fat, Total
  • 0g
  • Saturated
  • 0g
  • Carbohydrate
  • 0g
  • Sugars
  • 0g
  • Sodium
  • 45mg
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