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Versa Gripps Classic

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Versa Grips Classic

About Versa Grips Classic

Outperforms Gloves, Hooks, Wrist Supports & Straps





Made of Durable, Textured, Grip Enhancing Material resulting in excellent grip strength. The material is designed without bulk specifically to allow the athlete to feel a connection with the weight. Patented technology for the mind & muscle connection.

Wide 1 1/2" Wrist Strap sewn with high-density foam with a hook & loop closure for excellent wrist support. Adjustable wrist support keeps the wrist in the correct positon while training.

Innovative Wrist Support ergonomically developed to promote circulation to the hands while eliminating nerve damage.

Designed to mold comfortably around the bar while protecting hands from calluses.

Heavy Duty Steel Buckle on the wrist strap for excellent strength.

* Excellent Choice for Frequent Lifting & Weight Training * 


   For Men and Women



X-Small: 5-6"
Small: 6-7"
XL: 8"+

Versa Gripps Sizing Chart

One Size Does Not Fit All 

How do I determine the correct size for my wrist? 
To determine the correct size of Versa Gripps that you need, please wrap the tape measure all the way around your wrist (directly over your wrist bone). The size of Versa Gripps is not determined by your hand size but your wrist circumference. Versa Gripps are designed to fit securely (not too tightly)around the base of the weightlifters hand. When worn with a proper fit, the user is able to easily rotate them around to the back of their hand when they are not in use. They are not designed to fit tightly around the wrist while doing a pulling exercise. Versa Gripps will not damage the hands or wrists by over-tightening the way that a strap would. They will not restrict blood flow, movement, nor will they damage nerves. 



Please use this link below to print off a full-size ruler you can cut out and use to measure around your wrist.

(See the Picture Below for the Correct Placement of the tape measure around your wrist.)


(When printing: do not shrink to fit page width)

Pictured above is an example of a 6-inch Wrist


It is very important to order the correct size in the style you desire. To do so, take a measurement of the circumference of the bony part of your wrist. Then, go to the style you are interested in and scroll down to the measuring chart. Your wrist size will match up with the correct size you should be wearing. Remember, Versa Gripps are NOT designed to fit tightly around your wrist. They should be secure but in the case of pulling exercises, they should actually be loose enough to land at the base of your hand. When worn correctly, the pressure is not on your wrist but is actually evenly distributed across the base of your hand. 




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