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Minerals – the building blocks of the earth…and us.

Like vitamins, minerals help your development, wellbeing and growth, and help with a huge number of varying functions within the body. Minerals can be divided into two broad groups: Macrominerals of which the body needs larger amounts of, and Trace Minerals, minerals that the body needs smaller amounts of.

Playing unique and multi-factorial roles within the human body, minerals are found acting in the organs, tissues, cells and the entire body itself. Enzymes perform bodily functions and minerals activate enzymes – so they are vital to our being.

Check out Iron for healthy energy levels, Magnesium for soothing muscle tension and tightness, Calcium for healthy teeth and bones, Zinc for healthy skin, nails and hair, Selenium for healthy ageing, MSM for achy joints and Chromium for healthy blood sugar balance!

Get your minerals here, for your wellbeing and health today!

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