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There’s only one thing we’re more passionate about than health and supplements…the planet! This is why we’re making an effort to use sustainable practices in every part of our business. We’ve teamed up with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change.

CarbonClick is a small button in your shopping cart. When you click it, a small contribution is added to your basket which purchases carbon offsets. These offsets reduce the environmental impact of the carbon emissions related to the purchase. CarbonClick’s offsets fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world. We’re proud to be part of the fight against climate change.

We’ll be changing our practices to reduce our carbon footprint as well, including switching the mailer bags we use to compostable alternatives, recycling cardboard and other packing materials.

We hope you’ll join us in creating a sustainable future by choosing to CarbonClick with your purchase.