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Urinary Tract Support

UTI's and bladder infections are caused by germs or bacteria that enter the bladder through the Urethra.The body is normally able to remove the bacteria through Urination, but sometimes the bacteria multiplies too quickly for the body to destroy it. This results in an Infection. 

Symptoms of a UTI include: bloody or cloudy urine, Pain or burning sensation when urinating, fevers, pressure in the lower abdomen, and the feeling of constantly needing to urinate even when the bladder is empty. 

It is recommended that you see a doctor if you suspect you have an infection, and drink plenty of water to try and flush the bacteria out. Your doctor may recommend you take a Vitamin C supplement, or Cranberry to increase the acid levels in your urine, which helps to kill the bacteria.

We have a range of both Vitamin C and Cranberry Supplements to help prevent and care for bladder infections and UTI's. 


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