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November 03, 2017

Happy man and woman on a bike


Written by the Good Health team.


For men, in particular Kiwi men, looking after their health can often take a back seat. Men visit their GPs 50% less than women do, and in general are more reluctant to talk about their health, often down-playing symptoms. Often it is the women in their life that notice any health changes.


Five key signs your man may be suffering and how to help

1. Sleep issues: this may refer to having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking feeling unrefreshed. Sleep issues often relate to the nervous system, particularly if there is stress involved. Supporting a good night’s sleep with a healthy dose of Magnesium and herbs such as Passionflower and Californian poppy can help to restore a restful sleep.


Man falling asleep in his car


2. Changes in appetite: this may be related to hormonal health such as thyroid function or the nervous system if they are under stress or suffering from pain. An unhealthy appetite can be related to digestive imbalances, for example, unhealthy gut flora can cause sugar cravings. Prebiotics and probiotics help to restore gut flora balance for better overall health.

3. A reduced sex drive or libido: this too can be related to hormonal health. Testosterone levels peak in the late teens and early twenties. Symptoms of reduced libido can affect men’s self-esteem, confidence and sexual performance. Key nutrients to support healthy hormone levels and testosterone in particular, include increasing Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil, flax seed oil, chia seeds, walnuts), B Vitamins and antioxidants (berries, CoQ10, superfoods). Zinc and Selenium are also key nutrients for men.


Man checking his blood pressure


4. High blood pressure or cholesterol levels: One of the key underlying health concerns for men is heart disease, including high blood pressure, angina, blocked arteries and risk of heart attack. Reducing alcohol consumption, exercising regularly and reducing stress levels are all important lifestyle factors that can help. Natural supplements, including Omega-3 fatty acids, CoQ10, Lecithin and Grapeseed extract, can also provide extra support for the cardiovascular system.

5. A lack of interest or enjoyment: this can be related to mental health or increased levels of stress. Vitamin D is the ultimate mood boosting vitamin. B Vitamins, Magnesium and herbs such as Liquorice can also support healthy adrenal function and fatigue.

Staying healthy involves getting the right nutrients, having a balanced lifestyle and staying connected. If you have a man in your life that could do with some encouragement to put their health first, try sending them to for age specific, helpful, practical information on what they can do to stay in tip top shape and ensure health is their number one priority.



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