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Cold & Flu

Have you woken up sneezing and coughing? Do you have that awful feverish feeling that is gluing you to your bed? We hate to say it, but you probably have the flu!

The flu – the enemy to being productive and the preventer of having fun! Flu symptoms include having a sore throat, a fever, headache, aching muscles, congestion and a cough. The flu virus enters your body through the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes, so it can be particularly hard to avoid catching when everyone around you seems to have it.

Don’t worry – we have some great immune strengthening vitamins from trusted brands, including BioTrace, Clinicians, Go Healthy, Healtheries, Nutralife and Solgar,  to assist you in both preventing and ridding yourself and your family of the flu, so that you can move on with the important things in life!

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