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Covid Level 4 2021

Hi Guys!

Wow, we are here again eh?  Never fear, as we are set up to still help support your health and well being during these crazy times.


What does Covid level 4 mean for you and us?

Online Orders:

During this time all online orders are still being processed as usual  (there may be a slight delay in dispatch or delivery due to increasing volumes).


We have extra team members on board helping out to minimise delays as much as possible. We ask that you please refrain from contacting us unless it's SUPER urgent - thanks for your patience and understanding. 


Cleaning - In addition to our regular health and safety practices we have:

  • Increased the frequency of our cleanings in our store especially on high contact surfaces like service counters, door handles etc
  • We have installed ActivePure in all of our locations, 24/7 hygiene protection for indoor spaces. ActivePure has been proven to reduce up to 99.99% of pathogens including the virus that causes COVID-19.Active technology, no chemicals or ozone and sanitises all surfaces and products.

All staff continue to use Zoono hand sanitiser and follow strict hygiene and cleaning procedures as set out by the government. will continue to take additional measures and guidance from the Ministry of Health, Worksafe and MBIE to ensure our customers, our staff and the community keep safe.  

Thank you for your ongoing support of as our teams do their best to serve you during these challenging times


 All the best to you and yours, Kia Kaha and stay safe!

Jase, Kimmi, and the rest of the TEAM

Ps:  Thanks so much for your support over these past few months, it truly is appreciated.