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Beyond Yourself

Beyond Yourself AminoIQ² 30 Serves

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Beyond Yourself AminoIQ² 30 Serves - Red, White & Boom

About Beyond Yourself AminoIQ²



High performers demand the most of themselves in everything they do.  

Whether it’s unlocking intense mental focus while studying, experiencing limitless mental clarity at work, finding smooth energy in the gym, or tapping into extreme focus while gaming - AminoIQ² is the ultimate formula for those who want to push themselves beyond their human potential. 

AminoIQ² is loaded with 6g of Vegan Sourced BCAAs and 3.6g L-Leucine per scoop, proven to preserve lean muscle tissue, stimulate muscle growth, and maintain cognitive function that can decline from intense physical activity. With the perfect combination of BCAA’s, caffeine, and nootropics - AminoIQ² is truly the optimal fuel for the mind and body. 

Nootropics are compounds that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions such as memory, creativity, focus, and motivation. Recently reformulated to deliver 59% more nootropics, Amino IQ² offers more than any branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement or energy drink on the market today. 

Fuel yourself for more. Get AminoIQ² and #GoBeyond today! 



6g of Vegan-Sourced BCAAs - The perfect 3:1:1 BCAA ratio proven to preserve lean muscle tissue, stimulate muscle growth, and maintain cognitive function that can decline from intense physical activity. 

100mg of Caffeine - The perfect caffeine dose to act synergistically with nootropics and deliver the ideal mental and physical alertness without the jitters or dreaded crash. 

2.4g of Nootropics - The ultimate blend for cognitive performance and optimal brain health for those who want to push themselves beyond their human potential. Loaded with 1.5g of Acetyl-L-Carnitine [clinical dose], 500mg of Tyrosine, and 300mg of Choline.

1.5g Acetyl-L-Carnitine - Clinical dose used proven to improve physical performance, mood, focus, mental energy, and brain function while decreasing inflammation and fatigue. 



Mental Clarity & Alertness - The perfect dose of caffeine and nootropics to give you smooth energy, mental clarity, razor-sharp focus, and alertness without the jitters often associated with highly caffeinated energy drinks or pre-workout supplements. 

Unique Flavours - The Candy Shoppe Series delivers Beyond Yourself’s most popular flavours that bring you back to your childhood and leaves you wanting more! 

No Sugar, No Calories - Skip the high sugar, high-calorie energy drinks. AminoIQ² gives you cleaner energy and full taste without the added calories.  

Free of Artificial Dye & Additives - The commitment to go beyond means ditching the stuff that doesn’t serve you. At Beyond Yourself, we do just that. AminoIQ² has been formulated to deliver unbelievable taste and mixability without any unnecessary dyes or additives.  



L-Leucine - Is often referred to as the ‘master’ branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) because it’s the most effective at activating mTOR, a pathway that induces muscle protein synthesis, muscle growth, and recovery. 

L-Isoleucine & L-Valine - These are the other two of the three branched-chain amino acids that work synergistically to support increased muscle protein synthesis, muscle growth, and recovery. Isoleucine has been shown to promote glucose consumption and uptake and has roles as an anti-catabolic agent without promoting synthesis, similar to HMB. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – Also known as ACLAR, acetyl-L-carnitine has similar benefits to the amino acid L-carnitine but crosses the blood-brain barrier more efficiently. Carnitine creates energy from fat in the mitochondria of the cell and has been proven to reduce fatigue, improve mood, mental energy, brain function, decrease inflammation, boost circulation and improve overall focus. 

L-Tyrosine - An amino acid that is used in the body to produce noradrenaline and the “feel-good hormone” dopamine. Tyrosine has been shown to reduce stress, increase focus, mood and memory. 

Choline - A nootropic molecule that has been shown to boost cognitive function by increasing acetylcholine, a chemical often referred to as the “learning neurotransmitter”. Acetylcholine is used in the brain for nerve cells to transmit signals. Thus, acetylcholine plays a crucial role in many brain functions such as learning, focus, memory and mood. 

Caffeine - Classified as a nootropic because it sensitizes neurons in the brain and provides mental stimulation. Caffeine has been proven to improve reaction time, alertness, memory and mood. Caffeine also works synergistically with other nootropics to enhance the overall experience. 

Black Pepper - Proven to significantly increase the bioavailability of ingredients in dietary supplements. 



Recommended Use: Mix 1 scoop (9.3g) of AMINO-IQ² with 6-12 oz of cold water immediately before consumption and drink it 45-90 minutes before your workout or as a nootropic aid during periods requiring mental alertness.  

Warning: If you are a tested athlete, it is your responsibility to check with your sporting organization’s rules and regulations or with designated athletics staff before using this or any supplement to be sure all ingredients are safe for your sport. 


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