Bio X Glutamine Rush 1kg

Bio X Glutamine Rush 1kg

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  • Contains Only 100% Pure L-Glutamine Powder Monohydrate
  • Micronized Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Japanese Source Glutamine...Considered To Be The Finest Glutamine In The World
  • Wide Mouth Jar, Moisture Control Tab
  • 5 Gram Scoop Included

Glutamine Rush...When Only The Best Will Do
Glutamine Rush contains pure Japanese source, L-Glutamine. Although our Glutamine is more expensive to manufacture than that of our competitors’ (who use Chinese source material), we choose to offer only the best to our customers!

Glutamine Rush is wheat free! It is manufactured by starting with a glucose syrup (derived from corn starch) and bathing it in a glutamine producing bacteria and allowing the combination to ferment.

Glutamine Rush is micronized (150-200 mesh) and of pharmaceutical grade.

What Is L-Glutamine?
Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. While it can be manufactured by the body, supplementing with glutamine is recommended
because of the high demand the body has for it. (Of the free form amino acids present in skeletal muscles, up to 60% is LGlutamine!)

Some Benefits Of Glutamine Supplementation
Exciting news for strength athletes is that Glutamine supplementation has been shown to induce a significant increase in growth hormone levels (which helps in muscle growth). Also, Glutamine supplementation helps volumize muscle cells, reduce muscle soreness, enhance muscle recovery and help control toxic ammonia. Glutamine is anti-catabolic. Supplementing with Glutamine will prevent the body from catabolizing muscle tissue for its Glutamine needs. Glutamine is in great demand by the body; for that reason, it is an imperative supplement. Glutamine is especially critical for athletes; however it is also a key supplement for “regular folks” as well:
•    Glutamine supplementation has also been shown to boost the immune system (glutamine
is a primary energy system for the immune system).
• Glutamine is also a key nutrient for the intestines, as it has the ability to repair a “leaky gut” by maintaining the structural integrity of the bowels.
•    Glutamine decreases the craving for sweets and sugar. This is a great benefit for people wanting to lose weight.

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