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Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium 100mg 120 Tablets

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Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium 100mg 120 Tablets

About Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium 100mg 

Magnesium is recognized as an essential dietary mineral that supports optimum nerve function, relaxes muscles, and helps to maintain a healthy heartbeat. Magnesium assists the cells in producing metabolic energy. High Absorption Magnesium has elemental magnesium chelated with the amino acids glycine and lysine. Owing to a rise in number of people having magnesium deficiency physicians are increasingly recommending magnesium supplements. High Absorption Magnesium 100 mg Elemental 120 Tablets supply the requisite amount of magnesium, which is crucial for cardiovascular system, digestive tract, skeletal muscles, uterus, and the nervous system.


Features at Glance:

  • Assists energy production in cells
  • Maintains bone density
  • Supports nerve and muscle function
  • Acts as a co-factor for metabolic enzymes
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians



As an essential dietary mineral, magnesium plays many important roles, including:

  • Acts as a co-factor for metabolic enzymes
  • Assists energy production in cells
  • Supports nerve and muscle function
  • Helps maintain a normal, regular heartbeat
  • Supports bone density


High Absorption Magnesium contains elemental magnesium chelated with the amino acids glycine and lysine. As an essential dietary mineral, magnesium plays many important roles which include: helping cells produce metabolic energy, supporting optimum nerve function, helping muscles relax properly and maintaining a healthy heartbeat. Glycine has been shown to be an efficient carrier for minerals that facilitate absorption in the intestinal tract. Glycine is used by the body to form collagen, a key protein in cartilage and connective tissue. Lysine is an essential amino acid that assists gastric function.


Magnesium important for everyone, deficient in many

An abundance of data collected from the last three decades shows a consistent pattern of low magnesium intake in a majority of the U.S. population, with estimates running as high as 75% of Americans not meeting the recommended dietary allowance.


Magnesium the versatile mineral

The average adult body contains anywhere from about 21 to 28 grams of magnesium. Approximately 60 percent of the body's magnesium supply is stored in bone. Soft tissue, such as skeletal muscle, contains 38%, leaving only about 12% of the total body magnesium content in blood plasma and red blood cells. Magnesium works as a co-factor for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. Metabolism uses a phosphate-containing molecule called ATP as its energy source. Magnesium is required for all reactions involving ATP.


Helps maintain a normal, regular heartbeat - supports overall cardiovascular health

Magnesium's importance for heart health is widely recognized. The heart is the only muscle in the body that generates its own electrical impulses. Through its influence on the heart's electrical conduction system, magnesium is essential for maintenance of a smooth, regular heartbeat.



Take 2 tablets twice daily, with or without food.


Nutrition Information

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium 100mg

Serving Size: 2 tablets (120 servings)

  • Amount Per Serving
  • Magnesium (elemental)
  • 200mg
  • -



Other Ingredients

cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), stearic acid, hypromellose and propylene glycol (coating).


What does "not buffered" mean that is found on the High Absorption Magnesium?

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium contains 2000mg of magnesium glycinate/lysinate chelate per serving. Each serving provides 200mg of elemental magnesium. This product is not buffered, which means that no additional elemental magnesium is added to increase the elemental value. It is a common practice in the industry to buffer magnesium with poorly absorbable forms such as magnesium oxide. This would result in an overall lower level of bioavailability even if the milligram amount of elemental magnesium was higher.  

We feel that by offering 100% chelated magnesium lysinate-glycinate, we are confident that our Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium product is of the highest efficacy on the market.

Are there any side effects to the High Absorption Magnesium?

Taking too much High Absorption Magnesium could cause GI discomfort.

How much "elemental" magensium is in each table of High Absorption Magnesium?

There is 100 mg elemental Magnesium, which is chelated (bound) to two amino acids: Glycine and Lysine. This product has a much higher absorption and cellular utilization than nonchelated forms of magnesium.

What is the difference between Best Brain Magnesium and High Absorption Magnesium? Should I take both?

Magnesium is an essential nutrient used by at least 300 enzymes. The magnesium in Best Brain Magnesium is magnesium threonate and it was shown to effectively deliver magnesium to the brain. The magnesium in High Absorption Magnesium is magnesium glycinate which was shown to be effective for whole-body support.

What is the country of origin for Doctor's Best products?

Doctor’s Best products are quality tested and manufactured in the United States using highly qualified cGMP manufacturers and raw material ingredients. Doctor’s Best sources raw materials from around the world and ingredients are subject to the intense testing and verification regardless of geography of origin.

What is the croscarmellose sodium excipient that is found in several of the Doctor's Best products?

Croscarmellose sodium is a commonly used excipient in tablets. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as a "disintegrant," which means it helps tablets break apart in the stomach. In simple terms, croscarmellose sodium is made of cellulose gum with a very small amount of sodium. The sodium content is less than a half a percent (less than 0.5%).

Cellulose is a non-digestible fiber, which means the tiny amount in tablets passes through the gut without being broken down or absorbed. As far as adding to anyone's dietary sodium intake, the amount is too small to be of any consequence (Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients, 2nd Ed. American Pharmaceutical Assoc).


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