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Phloe Healthy Bowel 30 Capsules

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Phloe Healthy Bowel 30 Capsules

About Phloe Healthy Bowel

Phloe Healthy Bowel Capsules are a 100% natural digestive aid that is derived entirely from New Zealand green kiwifruit.

Phloe is clinically shown to keep you regular while promoting long-term intestinal health and helping avoid digestive discomfort.

Phloe Healthy Bowel is a digestive support made from the all natural Kiwifruit. Zyactinase, the fruit’s active ingredient, is shown to help the maintenance of good bowel health. Finally, it is the only supplement with a unique triple combo feature for keeping the intestines healthy – the Triple Action Complex, that employs the health properties of enzymes, fiber and prebiotics.


  • 100% natural
  • Proven helpful by clinical studies
  • Features the tasty flavor of Kiwifruit
  • Contains potent enzyme, fiber and prebiotics

Benefits of the Triple Action Complex – Enzymes, Fiber & Prebiotics


Enzymes are active components of the body that assist in many physiological functions. Enzymes for intestinal health increase the rate of passage (motility) of waste substances exiting the intestine. Phloe Healthy Bowel further help in food digestion and nutrient absorption to give your body the optimum amount of nutrients it needs.



Fiber contributes the bulk to stools, attracting water content so stool passes through your intestine with ease.



Prebiotics are comprised of good bacteria assisting in digesting the food. The body is actually home to more than 500 different bacteria. Prebiotics help maintain the balance of your microbiological makeup for proper digestive functions by nourishing the gut’s microflora.

Reasons to Supplement with Phloe Healthy Bowel

  • Assists in maintaining good intestinal health
  • Offers a unique Triple Action Complex – enzymes, fiber, probiotics
  • Contains an all natural component, Zyactinase, from Kiwifruit
  • Helps the body’s digestive functions


Take 1-2 capsules together, daily before food. May be increased to up to 4 capsules daily (2 before morning and evening meals) for short periods, if required.

Note: Everyones system is different. It is best you trial the dosage rate to find what is right for you. Some find taking up to 4 capsules a day for 3-5 days initially and then dropping back to 1 or 2 capsules a day as a maintenance dose is best for them. Others will not need such a high dose in the initial stages.

Children: Suitable for use in children 3-12 yrs with medical advice. Infants: Not recommended for children under 3 years.

Warnings: Do not take if you have a known allergy to Kiwifruit. If symptoms persist please consult your healthcare professional.

Nutrition Information

Phloe Healthy Bowel Capsules

  • Amount Per Serving:
  • Zyactinase
  • 575 mg
  • -
  • Carbohydrates
  • 0.43 g
  • -
  • Sugar
  • 0.28 g
  • -
  • Energy
  • 7.8 kJ
  • -
  • Sodium
  • 0.4 mg
  • -
  • Fat
  • 7.1 mg
  • -
  • Saturated Fat
  • 0.7 mg
  • -
  • Protein
  • 15.9 mg
  • -

Other Ingredients

Zyactinase (from kiwifruit) is 100% natural


Also Contains: Tableting Sugar, Tropical Flavour, White Bean Extract, Natural Sweetener, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.


Is Phloe Healthy Bowel safe?
Yes. The active ingredient in Phloe, Zyactinase, is 100% natural and derived entirely from kiwifruit. Extensive safety and toxicology testing has been conducted on Zyactinase. All the results show that Zyactinase is 100% safe in humans.

What is Zyactinase?
Zyactinase is the name for the 100% natural ingredient derived from kiwifruit that makes Phloe such an effective bowel health product. Put simply, Zyactinase is a freeze-dried powder derived entirely from kiwifruit using a special process which ensures the digestive and bowel health properties of the fruit are maintained. Zyactinase is completely natural and has not been chemically processed or enhanced in any way.

Is Phloe a laxative?
No. Phloe is not strictly a laxative. It is a natural bowel health supplement that supports regular and efficient bowel function. It has a very gentle mode of action which is one of the key benefits of taking the product. Phloe is safe to take long-term and works naturally with the body to achieve results. One of the best things about Phloe is that it has been shown in trials to not cause diarrhoea, cramping or spasms associated with some laxative products.

Will Phloe give you diarrhoea?
No. During the clinical trials not one person showed any signs of diarrhoea. And anecdotal evidence also shows that at much larger doses than recommended, diarrhoea is not a problem. There is also some clinical evidence to show that Phloe is actually helpful with people suffering from diarrhoea caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

What are prebiotics?
Prebiotics are a special type of carbohydrate that acts as “food” or “fuel” for the good bacteria in your digestive system. Prebiotics help the good bacteria grow stronger and flourish in your system enabling a better balance of gut microflora. Having the right balance of these bacteria is extremely important for good long-term bowel health.

How do prebiotics differ from probiotics?
Probiotics supplement the good bacteria in your digestive system. By taking a probiotic you are putting more good bacteria into your system in the hope that they will survive the conditions of the gut to help with the digestive process.

How much fibre does your product contain?
A: Approx 60mg per capsule.

How is taking Phloe different from just eating kiwifruit?
Our production process makes the Zyactinase complex of enzymes, prebiotics and fibre more bio-available (more available for absorption into the body) than it would be when just eating kiwifruit. This process allows Zyactinase to survive the digestive process when the effect of eating regular kiwifruit will be reduced. You would have to eat a lot of Kiwifruit to get a similar effect.


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