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Good Health

Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength 60 Capsules

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Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength 60 Capsules


About Vitamins.co.nz Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength

Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength is a high strength Curcumin formula for extra total body support. Curcumin is the scientifically proven ingredient found in Turmeric. Turmeric Extra Strength contains a unique Curcumin extract, CurcuWIN, that uses advanced technology to enhance absorption by more than 46 x for greater joint comfort. This powerful formula also offers support for the cardiovascular, digestive and nervous system. High quality Boswellia provides further joint support & is clinically shown to start working within 7 days.


Key Benefits:

  • More powerful and is suited to conditions that need EXTRA support and comfort
  • Clinically researched and shown to start working in 7 days
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Nontoxic & safe for long term use
  • Convenient for multiple uses
  • Suits a wider demographic​


Key Features:

  • Includes CurcuWIN turmeric extract which is 46 x more absorbable than standard turmeric
  • Plus high quality AKBA Boswellia
  • Plus Artemisia annua (Sweet wormwood)
  • NO Polysorbate 80
  • Powerful and comprehensive anti-inflammatory formula with multiple benefits for multiple health conditions
  • Vegetarian friendly capsule


Take 1 capsule daily with food.

Acute dose:Take up to 2 capsules daily with food.

Nutrition Information

Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength 60 Capsules

Active Ingredients: (per vege capsule)

  • CurcuWIN Turmeric Extract Equivalent Curcumin
  • 200mg

Herbal Extract Equivalent To Dry:

  • Boswellia serrata (Boswellia) gum
  • 500mg
  • Equivalent Acetyl keto-β – Boswellic acid (AKBA)
  • 15mg
  • Artemisia annua (Sweet Wormwood) herb
  • 500mg

Cautions & Contraindications:

Anti-coagulant medication like warfarin unless blood is monitored. Gall stones, Bile duct obstruction or people on chemotherapy medications. Pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Chronic pain & acute pain, Musculoskeletal disorders:- Osteoarthritis / degenerative joint disease / Rheumatoid arthritis / Fibromyalgia / Overuse Syndromes (e.g. tendonitis, bursitis)/muscular strains and sprains / low back pain. Gastrointestinal disorders: - Irritable bowel (IBS)/Diverticular Disease/Inflammatory bowel disease (e.g. Crohns, Ulcerative colitis)/Dyspepsia – heartburn, nausea, burping/Peptic ulcer disease/supports liver function. Cardiovascular disease: - (e.g. Angina/High cholesterol levels). Neurological disorders:- Shingles / Neuralgia / headaches / MS/Alzheimer’s General well-being – Curcumin provides high levels of antioxidant protection – 13 times higher than Blueberries.

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