Solgar Chelated Copper 2.5mg 100 Tabs

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Solgar Chelated Copper 2.5mg 100 Tabs


About Chelated Copper 2.5mg

First, let's talk soil quality. New Zealand's isn't the best. Unfortunately, the food you eat comes from that soil and that translates to one big negative - you're not getting the elements and minerals your body needs.

That being said, Copper is likely one of those. This trace element plays a few major (seriously, they're really important) roles in the body...

  • Iron Absorption & Utilization
  • ATP Manufacturing
  • Hormone Synthesis


These aren't 'baby' processes. They're the real deal. This 2.5 milligram dose of chelated copper keeps you covered and then some!

Directions Chelated Copper 2.5mg Recommended Use

Adults should take one serving (one tablet) of Chelated Copper per day with a meal.

Nutrition Information

Solgar Chelated Copper 2.5mg Supplement Facts

Each teble provides:

  • Amount Per Serving
  • Copper (amino acid chelatee)
  • 2.5mg
  • -

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